GenerateBlocks Pro 1.1.0

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.1.0 is a small feature release with some long-awaited improvements and a lot of compatibility improvements to go along with GenerateBlocks 1.4.0. Template Library Settings You can now choose to disable the remote or local templates from our Template Library block directly on our Settings page. If you disable both, the Template Library … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.3.5

This update has a few small fixes to ensure compatibility with WordPress 5.8. Fix: Error saving classic widgets in Customizer Fix: Console error in widget editor due to core/edit-post Tweak: Remove wp-editor dependency from widget editor

GenerateBlocks 1.3.4

This is a small release that preps us for the upcoming WordPress 5.8 release. Mainly, it makes it so our blocks work in the new widget block editor. We also added a couple of small fixes, including a fix for a memory leak when you add a re-usable block inside of itself. New: Integrate with … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.3.3

This is a small update with a couple of fixes for bugs found in WordPress 5.7. Fix: Constant re-rendering of SVG icons in code editor Fix: Broken CSS when empty/non-published re-usable blocks are on the page Tweak: Add missing text domains

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.3

This is a minor release that fixes a handful of bugs and adds translation support to the plugin. New: Translation support Fix: Hidden Container link preventing toolbar access Fix: Asset Library error when empty group is saved Fix: Asset Library IDs changing when re-saved before refresh Tweak: Clear horizontal grid default when choosing global style … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.3.2

GenerateBlocks 1.3.2 is a small release with a number of bug fixes. New: Add generateblocks.editor.buttonDisableFormatting filter Fix: Error when using em unit on a div headline Fix: Icon button spacing in WP 5.7 Fix: Responsive block borders when no desktop border is set Tweak: Prevent Global Styles (Pro) from regenerating unique ID Tweak: Integrate Grid … Read more

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.2

This is a small update that fixes a few bugs with our Global Styles feature. Fix: Improve how global styles handle block defaults Fix: Allow advanced backgrounds in global styles Fix: Allow effects in global styles Fix: Prevent PHP notices in local templates

GenerateBlocks 1.3.1

This is a small update with a fix that allows Global Styles (Pro) to apply to the standard background images and gradients. Tweak: Apply generateblocks.editor.cssAttrs filter to backgrounds

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.1

This is a quick patch with a couple of fixes in our Global Styles feature. Full Changelog Fix: Global style attributes not saving correctly Fix: Global styles not overwriting default container padding