GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.1

This is a quick patch with a couple of fixes in our Global Styles feature. Full Changelog Fix: Global style attributes not saving correctly Fix: Global styles not overwriting default container padding

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.0

GenerateBlocks Pro is finally here! To learn more and purchase, check out our Pro page. With this release, we aimed to provide more options for our Blocks while further increasing performance and overall convenience, and we’re really happy with the results! Template Library Our Template Library has over 150 professionally-built templates by the talented Mike … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.3.0

Welcome to GenerateBlocks 1.3.0! While this update is no 1.2.0, it opens the door for us to release GenerateBlocks Pro, finally! This update has more filters and tweaks that we ended up needing as we continued to fine-tune and add more features to GenerateBlocks Pro. If you can, please test this version and report any … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.2.0

This is a huge update that brings us one step closer to releasing GenerateBlocks Pro. This update introduces new features that will help you build beautiful websites, and it has some major internal changes that improve how your content is saved and output on your website. There are also a couple of HTML markup changes … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.1.2

This release has a couple more bug fixes from our 1.1.0 release. Legacy background images are no longer invisible in the editor. We also reverted our parsed content caching due to some conflicts with caching plugins that was found. We’ll re-visit this in a later version. Full changelog Fix: Set background image selector default if … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.1.1

Quick bug fix here. Somehow an undefined index notice slipped under our radar during testing. All fixed now. Sorry for the hassle! Changelog Fix: Undefined index notice when using background images

GenerateBlocks 1.1.0

Our first feature release! This update has a few new features, and fixes a handful of bugs. Persistent responsive controls One thing we’ve noticed when building blocks is the number of times we need to click the responsive tabs for each block. If I’m doing something for mobile and switch to another block, I shouldn’t … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.0.1

Our first update! Just a small one which should fix translation issues in the block editor. = 1.0.1 = Fix: Add wp_set_script_translations() to translate block editor Tweak: Add spacing to update nag in Settings area

GenerateBlocks 1.0

Welcome to GenerateBlocks 1.0! GenerateBlocks is a small collection of WordPress blocks for the Gutenberg editor. There are more and more block plugins emerging, but this one is different. Instead of building a plugin with 30+ blocks you have to sort your way through, we built one with only 4 blocks. The magic here is … Read more