GenerateBlocks Pro 1.5.0

This version is currently in beta testing. Please only install this version on testing/staging environments.

To learn more about this release, please refer to the release post.

You can download this release in your account.


  • Fix: Global style Button editor styles pre-migration
  • Fix: Grid item device display options in editor
  • Fix: Icon panel block error when using GB < 1.7


  • Tweak: Add description to Accordion block variant
  • Tweak: Improve beta updates toggle label
  • Tweak: Set position when using a Container link
  • Tweak: Align accordion button to the left by default
  • Fix: Clearing local styles migrating Container to the new version
  • Fix: Add pointer-events: none to pseudo elements


  • Feature: Integrate Effects with new inner container (GB 1.7)
  • Feature: Integrate with position and overflow options (GB 1.7)
  • Feature: Require certain versions in Pattern Library
  • Tweak: Update pattern library icon
  • Tweak: Add Effects panel using BlockEdit filter
  • Tweak: Add Global Styles using BlockEdit filter
  • Tweak: Improve Effects/Advanced BGs UI
  • Tweak: Update generateblocks-pro.pot
  • Tweak: Move Pattern Library to end of block list
  • Fix: Dynamic image backwards compatibility with ACF integration
  • Fix: Editor styles not loading in tablet/mobile previews in Firefox
  • Fix: Check the useEffect attributes when showing global styles
  • Fix: Check objects in Global Styles
  • Fix: Pattern Library loading icon position
  • Fix: Syntax when using multiple transition on one element

GenerateBlocks 1.7.0

This version is currently in beta testing. Please only install this version on testing/staging environments.

To download and learn more about this release, please refer to the release post.


  • Tweak: Show inherited highlight in layout buttons
  • Fix: Headline device spacing in editor
  • Fix: Missing device buttons when using multi-select
  • Fix: Show device-specific shape panel options
  • Fix: Triple captions using static image with dynamic link


  • Feature: Add generateblocks_attr_image-link filter
  • Tweak: Add “button” prefix to Button selector when needed
  • Tweak: Re-add tag name prefix to Headline selectors
  • Fix: Global style Button migration


  • Feature: Add em to column/row gap units
  • Tweak: Re-order panels into related groups
  • Tweak: Add pointer-events: none to pseudo backgrounds
  • Fix: Don’t migrate sizing attributes during inner container migration
  • Fix: Grid item widths not applying when adding a new Grid block
  • Fix: Re-usable content removed during Container migration


  • Feature: Add flexbox controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add sizing controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add global max-width option to sizing
  • Feature: Add position option to all blocks
  • Feature: Add overflow options to Container block
  • Feature: Add flex child controls to Headline and Button blocks
  • Feature: Add Button Container variant using Container block
  • Feature: Deprecate existing Button Container block
  • Feature: Remove inner container div from newly added Container blocks
  • Feature: Add manual migration for existing Container blocks with inner container
  • Feature: Add insert inner Container button
  • Feature: Allow adding singular Button blocks
  • Feature: Allow grouping of singular Buttons inside a Container
  • Feature: Add z-index options to tablet and mobile
  • Feature: Add order option to desktop
  • Feature: Add text alignment to Button block
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_dynamic_source_id filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.addButtonCurrentColors filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_css_selector filter
  • Feature: Add button type option
  • Feature: Accept ID-only searches in dynamic content post selects
  • Feature: Add template selector system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.renderBlock hook
  • Feature: Add onboard system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.settingsPanel filter
  • Feature: Use row-gap for Grid vertical gap option
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_one_time_css_data hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_before_container_open hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_after_container_close hook
  • Feature: Allow “auto” as value in margin controls
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_use_visited_selector filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_query_loop_editor_posts_cap filter
  • Tweak: Improve typography font family select
  • Tweak: Improve Container block appender
  • Tweak: Migrate flexBasis to use one value with unit
  • Tweak: Move z-index to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Add Flex Child panel to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Improve Typography section layout
  • Tweak: Move Container alignment to typography section
  • Tweak: Change panel icon color
  • Tweak: Update block icons
  • Tweak: Move device buttons above block name
  • Tweak: Remove transition from Button block
  • Tweak: Remove block description from inspector controls
  • Tweak: Improve advanced select results
  • Tweak: Use new editor_script/style_handles
  • Tweak: Re-order panels
  • Tweak: Move Headline tag name control to Advanced
  • Tweak: Ignore button hover colors on current buttons
  • Tweak: Remove :visited pseudo selector from CSS
  • Tweak: Remove tag name from CSS selectors
  • Tweak: Load CSS later to prevent specificity issues
  • Tweak: Allow “0” as HTML attribute value
  • Fix: Responsive placeholder not showing 0 value
  • Fix: Excerpt spelling mistake
  • Fix: Image placeholder position
  • Fix: Missing source ID in excerpt
  • Fix: Pagination buttons missing generateblocks_query_loop_args filter
  • Fix: Dynamic Button tag name with no link
  • Fix: Prevent faded background image in editor
  • Fix: Pass $block to generateblocks_parse_attr function
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.4.0

This version focuses on integrating our dynamic content feature with Advanced Custom Fields.

  • Feature: Integrate ACF with dynamic content options
  • Feature: Support ACF basic fields
  • Feature: Support ACF content fields
  • Feature: Support ACF choice (single value) fields
  • Feature: Support ACF relational (single value) fields
  • Feature: Support ACF jQuery fields
  • Fix: Query loop not working in widget area
  • Fix: Exclude current sticky post not working
  • Fix: Removal of isQueryLoop item attribute in global styles
  • Fix: Add missing device visibility to Image block
  • Fix: Popover component overflow in WP 6.1
  • Tweak: Change normal selectControl to SimpleSelect
  • Tweak: Make link source use same meta components
  • Tweak: Fix pattern library labels in settings area
  • Tweak: Remove drafted local patterns from library
  • Tweak: Improve Color picker input field state

GenerateBlocks 1.6.0

  • Feature: Add support for FSE styling
  • Feature: Improve dynamic select components performance
  • Feature: Add necessary filters and actions for ACF integration in GB Pro
  • Fix: Missing styling when blocks added outside content
  • Fix: Missing styling for blocks within loop content
  • Fix: Removing icons without text does not display text back again
  • Fix: “Sticky posts only” not displaying correctly in the frontend
  • Fix: Pass dynamic container link to settings variable
  • Fix: Color picker behavior when manually changing value
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component if set to 0
  • Fix: Remove gb-*-text class from dynamic blocks with icons
  • Fix: Dynamic content conflict with icons and custom classes
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component
  • Tweak: Enqueue inline embedding stylesheet using wp_enqueue_scripts
  • Tweak: Remove block-editor-block-list__block class from root wrapper
  • Tweak: Headline transform to core Heading keep the level

GenerateBlocks 1.5.4

This patch fixes an issue when querying posts by tags/non-hierarchical taxonomies in the editor.

  • Fix: Non-hierarchical taxonomies with broken REST API calls

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0

GenerateBlocks 1.3.0 adds a handful of new features to the Query Loop block that allows you to build related posts (and much more) in GenerateBlocks 1.5.3.

To learn more about these new features, please check out our block post here.

  • Feature: Add necessary features to build related posts
  • Feature: Display query loop posts related to the current post terms
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that are children of current post
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that belong to current post author
  • Feature: Remove current post from query loop
  • Feature: Add random option to query loop order by parameter
  • Tweak: Use proper block assets when enqueuing scripts
  • Fix: Add custom attributes to dynamic button/headline blocks

GenerateBlocks 1.5.3

This is a small update with some fixes and some new filters that are necessary for our upcoming related posts feature in GenerateBlocks Pro.

  • Feature: Added necessary filters for related posts
  • Feature: Add option to include/exclude term children in query
  • Fix: Dynamic image placeholder border radius
  • Fix: Duplicated block options in Query Loop when selecting links
  • Fix: Inherit query option in Query Loop
  • Fix: Keep the order in which query loop parameters are added
  • Tweak: Move Post Template list view label to Container

GenerateBlocks 1.5.2

This is a patch release with a handful of fixes.

It also adds a new “Sticky posts” option to the Query Loop block that allows you to exclude, ignore or only query sticky posts.

  • Feature: Add option to exclude or ignore sticky posts
  • Fix: Container gridId attribute not updating correctly
  • Fix: Broken dynamic author image block when avatars are disabled
  • Fix: Properly reset postdata after queries
  • Tweak: Set hasUrl attribute when adding URL to button

GenerateBlocks 1.5.1

This fixes an error in GenerateBlocks 1.5.0 when using WordPress versions prior to 5.9.

GenerateBlocks 1.5.0

This is a massive release with many new features and blocks. Learn more in our release post.

  • New: Dynamic data
  • New: Query Loop block
  • New: Image block
  • New: Add inline background image option
  • New: Add default container width option
  • New: Number component
  • New: Block icons in the editor
  • Fix: Button link redirecting outside editor
  • Fix: Nested block post excerpts
  • Fix: Button block causing window confirm on refresh
  • Fix: Shape panel spacing issues
  • Fix: Headline link hover color in editor
  • Fix: Outer container width in editor
  • Fix: Error in FSE when adding a Container to the front page
  • Fix: Color picker autocomplete when typing in color
  • Fix: Inherit box-sizing on gb-inside-container in editor
  • Tweak: Full code refactor in the editor
  • Tweak: Move button URL options to toolbar
  • Tweak: Switch all blocks to apiVersion 2
  • Tweak: Require WordPress 5.6
  • Tweak: Rebuild color component
  • Tweak: Rebuild dimensions component
  • Tweak: Rebuild typography component
  • Tweak: Add memory to open editor panels
  • Tweak: Make device buttons sticky
  • Tweak: Improve container width label
  • Tweak: Use compiled assets in script registration
  • Tweak: Improve button CSS selectors in the editor
  • Tweak: Allow more decimal places in background image opacity