GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0

GenerateBlocks 1.3.0 adds a handful of new features to the Query Loop block that allows you to build related posts (and much more) in GenerateBlocks 1.5.3.

To learn more about these new features, please check out our block post here.

  • Feature: Add necessary features to build related posts
  • Feature: Display query loop posts related to the current post terms
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that are children of current post
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that belong to current post author
  • Feature: Remove current post from query loop
  • Feature: Add random option to query loop order by parameter
  • Tweak: Use proper block assets when enqueuing scripts
  • Fix: Add custom attributes to dynamic button/headline blocks

GenerateBlocks 1.5.3

This is a small update with some fixes and some new filters that are necessary for our upcoming related posts feature in GenerateBlocks Pro.

  • Feature: Added necessary filters for related posts
  • Feature: Add option to include/exclude term children in query
  • Fix: Dynamic image placeholder border radius
  • Fix: Duplicated block options in Query Loop when selecting links
  • Fix: Inherit query option in Query Loop
  • Fix: Keep the order in which query loop parameters are added
  • Tweak: Move Post Template list view label to Container

GenerateBlocks 1.5.2

This is a patch release with a handful of fixes.

It also adds a new “Sticky posts” option to the Query Loop block that allows you to exclude, ignore or only query sticky posts.

  • Feature: Add option to exclude or ignore sticky posts
  • Fix: Container gridId attribute not updating correctly
  • Fix: Broken dynamic author image block when avatars are disabled
  • Fix: Properly reset postdata after queries
  • Tweak: Set hasUrl attribute when adding URL to button

GenerateBlocks 1.5.1

This fixes an error in GenerateBlocks 1.5.0 when using WordPress versions prior to 5.9.

GenerateBlocks 1.5.0

This is a massive release with many new features and blocks. Learn more in our release post.

  • New: Dynamic data
  • New: Query Loop block
  • New: Image block
  • New: Add inline background image option
  • New: Add default container width option
  • New: Number component
  • New: Block icons in the editor
  • Fix: Button link redirecting outside editor
  • Fix: Nested block post excerpts
  • Fix: Button block causing window confirm on refresh
  • Fix: Shape panel spacing issues
  • Fix: Headline link hover color in editor
  • Fix: Outer container width in editor
  • Fix: Error in FSE when adding a Container to the front page
  • Fix: Color picker autocomplete when typing in color
  • Fix: Inherit box-sizing on gb-inside-container in editor
  • Tweak: Full code refactor in the editor
  • Tweak: Move button URL options to toolbar
  • Tweak: Switch all blocks to apiVersion 2
  • Tweak: Require WordPress 5.6
  • Tweak: Rebuild color component
  • Tweak: Rebuild dimensions component
  • Tweak: Rebuild typography component
  • Tweak: Add memory to open editor panels
  • Tweak: Make device buttons sticky
  • Tweak: Improve container width label
  • Tweak: Use compiled assets in script registration
  • Tweak: Improve button CSS selectors in the editor
  • Tweak: Allow more decimal places in background image opacity

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.2.0

GenerateBlocks 1.2.0 is a feature update that contains a handful of new features and ensures full compatibility with our huge GenerateBlocks 1.5.0 release.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Better Style Pasting

You can now copy styles from one block and then paste those styles to multiple blocks at once! This is a pretty big timesaver when it comes to sharing styles between blocks.

You can also now clear all styles from a block with a single click.

Global Style Improvements

You can now add labels to your Global Styles. These labels are displayed in the select dropdown when choosing a Global Style for a block, which can make it much easier to choose the right style.

You can also clear local styles from a block now when you give it a Global Style. This allows the full Global Style to take effect without having any local styles overwrite them.

Image Block Support

We’ve added some of our Pro features to the new Image Block in GenerateBlocks 1.5.0. This means you can now use features like Effects and Custom Attributes on our very own Image Block!

More Custom Attributes

You can now use our Custom Attributes feature on the Grid and Button Container blocks.

Template Library -> Pattern Library

We’ve changed the name of our Template Library to Pattern Library. This also means “Local Template” are now called “Local Patterns”.

We believe this name better describes what these patterns are, and this name change also brings us more in line with what WordPress core is calling them.

Full Changelog

Take a look at everything that has changed in this version.

  • Important: This update adds compatibility with GB 1.5.0
  • New: Apply paste styles feature to multiple selected blocks at once
  • New: Global Style labels
  • New: Add clear local styles button to global styles
  • New: Add clear styles to Styles toolbar item
  • Fix: PHP notices when not using old opacity slider in box/text shadows
  • Tweak: Change Template Library name to Pattern Library
  • Tweak: Add Effects to GB Image Block (GB 1.5.0)
  • Tweak: Add Global Styles to GB Image Block
  • Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to GB Image Block
  • Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to Grid block
  • Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to Button Container block
  • Tweak: Reduce container link z-index
  • Tweak: Close effects panel and toggle off when all deleted
  • Tweak: Add support for new color component
  • Tweak: Remove old colorOpacity from Effects
  • Tweak: Add Container link support for dynamic links (GB 1.5.0)

GenerateBlocks 1.4.4

GenerateBlocks 1.4.4 is a minor release with a single fix for users using WordPress 6.0.

  • Fix: Grid layout selector in WP 6.0

GenerateBlocks 1.4.3

This is a small update with a couple bug fixes in anticipation of WordPress 6.0 next week.

  • Fix: Error when opening Headline color pickers in WP 6.0
  • Fix: Button URL field not selectable in WP 6.0

GenerateBlocks 1.4.2

This update has a small fix for a bug found in WordPress 5.9.

  • Fix: Missing responsive editor styles in Firefox

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.1.2

This is a minor update that fixes a couple of small bugs and ensures compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 5.9 release.

  • Fix: Color picker UI in WP 5.9
  • Fix: Undefined gradient color opacities