GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0

GenerateBlocks 1.3.0 adds a handful of new features to the Query Loop block that allows you to build related posts (and much more) in GenerateBlocks 1.5.3. To learn more about these new features, please check out our block post here. Feature: Add necessary features to build related posts Feature: Display query loop posts related to … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.5.3

This is a small update with some fixes and some new filters that are necessary for our upcoming related posts feature in GenerateBlocks Pro. Feature: Added necessary filters for related posts Feature: Add option to include/exclude term children in query Fix: Dynamic image placeholder border radius Fix: Duplicated block options in Query Loop when selecting … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.5.2

This is a patch release with a handful of fixes. It also adds a new “Sticky posts” option to the Query Loop block that allows you to exclude, ignore or only query sticky posts. Feature: Add option to exclude or ignore sticky posts Fix: Container gridId attribute not updating correctly Fix: Broken dynamic author image … Read more

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.2.0

GenerateBlocks 1.2.0 is a feature update that contains a handful of new features and ensures full compatibility with our huge GenerateBlocks 1.5.0 release. Let’s take a look at what’s new. Better Style Pasting You can now copy styles from one block and then paste those styles to multiple blocks at once! This is a pretty … Read more

GenerateBlocks 1.4.3

This is a small update with a couple bug fixes in anticipation of WordPress 6.0 next week. Fix: Error when opening Headline color pickers in WP 6.0 Fix: Button URL field not selectable in WP 6.0