GenerateBlocks 1.1.0

Our first feature release!

This update has a few new features, and fixes a handful of bugs.

Persistent responsive controls

One thing we’ve noticed when building blocks is the number of times we need to click the responsive tabs for each block. If I’m doing something for mobile and switch to another block, I shouldn’t have to click on the mobile tab again.

Now, the responsive tab you click is remembered, so it will remain even when switching to another block.

Pseudo background images

Container background images can now be applied to the Container pseudo element instead of the element itself.

We’ve deprecated the background color overlay option, which used CSS gradients to apply the background color over the background image. The overall experience of this method wasn’t very user-friendly, and it didn’t allow for more advanced effects (color transitions etc..).

Now you can add the image as a pseudo element and adjust the opacity of the background image with a simple range slider right below the option. This is way more user-friendly than the old background color method. It also opens up doors when it comes to more advanced effects.

Align-wide/full support for Containers

Previously, we relied on the theme to provide full width content if you wanted to build out full width containers. This is still the preferred method in GeneratePress.

However, other themes may prefer using the align-wide/full options that Gutenberg provides, so we’ve added support for those options to the Container block if your theme supports them.

Color component palette

Our color component now displays the color palette by default, instead of a custom color picker. You can still toggle the color picker, or you can tell GenerateBlocks to display the picker by default in Settings > GenerateBlocks.

Full changelog

This release has various other bug fixes and tweaks.


  • New: Persistent responsive controls across blocks
  • New: Filter all HTML attributes
  • New: Filter Container tagNames
  • New: Add containerAfterElementTag filter
  • New: Add option to apply background image as pseudo element
  • New: Add support for alignwide/alignfull in Container block
  • New: Display color palette by default in Color component
  • New: Add option to choose default view in Color component
  • New: Add aria-label option for Buttons into advanced panel
  • Tweak: Deprecate background image overlay option
  • Tweak: Move hexToRGBA to utils
  • Tweak: Fix repeated common CSS
  • Tweak: Re-design normal/hover state buttons
  • Tweak: Filter default background image size
  • Tweak: Cache parsed blocks on front-end
  • Tweak: Better display of admin notices in Dashboard
  • Tweak: Change Container Width label to Contained Width
  • Tweak: Add future framework for migrating/updating old options
  • Tweak: Don’t allow single button to be saved as reusable
  • Tweak: Don’t allow element tagName to be filtered
  • Tweak: Allow all standard richText formats in Headline block
  • Tweak: Better iconSize responsive placeholders
  • Tweak: Allow decimal values in gradient start/stop
  • Tweak: Move block name to the end of editor.desktopCSS filter args
  • Tweak: Add buttonColorsHover to editor.controls filter
  • Tweak: Change editor.insideContainerWrapper filter to frontend.insideContainer
  • Tweak: Pass attributes to frontend.insideContainer instead of props
  • Fix: gridId value in nested grids
  • Fix: Use inline-block for inline headlines with no icon
  • Fix: Missing text domains
  • Fix: Display Headline highlight option in Headline block only
  • Fix: Headline icon center alignment in IE
  • Fix: Headline highlight background color in IE
  • Fix: Mobile selector for width in min-height container
  • Fix: Add box-sizing to min-height container on tablet/mobile
  • Fix: Headline text alignment when using an icon
  • Fix: Allow 0 as iconSize value

9 thoughts on “GenerateBlocks 1.1.0”

  1. GenerateBlocks is great, it finally allowed me to use Gutenberg 🙂
    Again, big thank you Tom and the team.

    One question/feature request:
    What do you think about adding a third color to the gradient tool?
    This would allow us to create even more wonderful backgrounds for containers.

  2. That sounds very good and I am looking forward to the new version.

    By the way: I won’t think for a second about buying the Pro version. Such a service what you offer, support and the programming standard I will be happy to support. I recommend this setup to all my colleagues: Generatepress + Generateblocks. This is the WordPress future. Elementor and Co can pack up at some point.

  3. I love that GP and GB are lean and pure… no need to have every feature under the sun in one package. Keep up the amazing work and cannot wait for GB PRO… already a GP premium client so day one will be getting GP PRO!!


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