GenerateBlocks 1.6.0

  • Feature: Add support for FSE styling
  • Feature: Improve dynamic select components performance
  • Feature: Add necessary filters and actions for ACF integration in GB Pro
  • Fix: Missing styling when blocks added outside content
  • Fix: Missing styling for blocks within loop content
  • Fix: Removing icons without text does not display text back again
  • Fix: “Sticky posts only” not displaying correctly in the frontend
  • Fix: Pass dynamic container link to settings variable
  • Fix: Color picker behavior when manually changing value
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component if set to 0
  • Fix: Remove gb-*-text class from dynamic blocks with icons
  • Fix: Dynamic content conflict with icons and custom classes
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component
  • Tweak: Enqueue inline embedding stylesheet using wp_enqueue_scripts
  • Tweak: Remove block-editor-block-list__block class from root wrapper
  • Tweak: Headline transform to core Heading keep the level

2 thoughts on “GenerateBlocks 1.6.0”

    • Various migrations take place once you load any of your pages in 1.7 and update the page.

      To downgrade, you should restore a backup taken before updating.

      If that’s not possible, you may need to restore Revisions of individual pages that you’ve updated/published while using 1.7.

      Of course, we suggest you always use the latest version of the plugin. If you’re having an issue, please feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll help get it sorted.


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