GenerateBlocks Pro 1.0.0

GenerateBlocks Pro is finally here! To learn more and purchase, check out our Pro page.

With this release, we aimed to provide more options for our Blocks while further increasing performance and overall convenience, and we’re really happy with the results!

Template Library

Our Template Library has over 150 professionally-built templates by the talented Mike Oliver.

These templates can be inserted directly into your page wherever you like. You can also insert them into your Local Templates and adjust them as needed so you can re-use them throughout your content.

Check out the Template Library documentation for more information.

Global Styles

Global Styles allow you to re-use the same styles throughout your website. Not only does this drastically improve the overall usability of the plugin, it decreases the amount of overall CSS that the plugin needs to generate, which increases performance!

We feel that this was a missing aspect of GenerateBlocks, and we couldn’t be happier with it!

Check out the Global Styles documentation for more information.


This is an advanced feature with an infinite number of possibilities. From simple effects like opacity to more complicated effects like filters and transforms, this feature seriously does it all.

While this feature has a learning curve, it offers amazing flexibility once you get the hang of it.

Check out the Effects documentation for more information.

Advanced Backgrounds

Like our normal background options, but better. The Advanced Backgrounds feature allows you to build different backgrounds (image or gradient) based on device or state (hover). This offers unlimited control over your Container backgrounds.

Check out the Advanced Backgrounds documentation for more information.

Container Links

This is one we’ve seen requested a lot, and now it’s here! Link your entire Container block anywhere you want with our Container Link feature. This feature works great with our new Container hover colors, and our Effects!

Check out the Container Links documentation for more information.

Asset Library

Want to add your own icons or shapes? Our Asset Library does that, and then displays them directly in your blocks so you can choose from them.

Check out the Asset Library documentation for more information.

Copy+Paste Styles

This is an awesome one! Easily copy and paste styles from your blocks around your site. This is great if you have non-global styles that share the same styling. Simply copy the styling from one block and paste it to the next block – super easy!

Check out the Copy+Paste Styles documentation for more information.

Device Visibility

Easily hide or show our blocks on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Check out the Device Visibility documentation for more information.

Custom Attributes

Apply any custom data-* attributes to our Blocks with a simple user interface. This feature has some limitation for security purposes, but it will surely grow over time.

Check out the Custom Attributes documentation for more information.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning! Next, we’ll be focusing on adding some missing blocks (accordions, tabs etc..) while maintaining our minimal block philosophy. We have some super exciting things planned!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy!

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