GenerateBlocks Pro 1.1.0

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.1.0 is a small feature release with some long-awaited improvements and a lot of compatibility improvements to go along with GenerateBlocks 1.4.0.

Template Library Settings

You can now choose to disable the remote or local templates from our Template Library block directly on our Settings page. If you disable both, the Template Library block won’t be available in the editor at all.

More Custom Attributes

We’ve added more allowed attributes to our Custom Attributes feature. You can now add role, download, itemtype, itemprop, and itemscope attributes!

Global Style Improvements

With the removal of defaults in GenerateBlocks 1.4.0, our Global Styles feature is now even better. You can now build Global Styles for your Grid blocks, and even for your grid item widths. We also made some minor improvements to the UI when saving/changing your style IDs.

Improved Color Picker

As mentioned in GenerateBlocks 1.4.0, we’ve massively improved our color picker to accept CSS variables and RGBA colors. This update includes these improvements in our GB Pro color controls.

Full Changelog

This release was all about fixes existing bugs and preparing for a couple of larger features we have in the pipeline. Check out the full changelog below.

  • New: Add options to disable local/remote templates
  • New: Allow support download, role, itemtype, itemprop and itemscope custom attributes
  • Tweak: Stop auto-adding inner z-index to containers with pseudo gradients
  • Tweak: Check for any kind of SVG support in Asset Library instead of Safe SVG
  • Tweak: Add global style class to the grid wrapper
  • Tweak: Use rgba colors for advanced gradients
  • Tweak: Make Local Template editing for admins only
  • Tweak: Make Global Style editing for admins only
  • Tweak: Replace delete (X) icon with trash icon
  • Tweak: Apply device visibility to grid item
  • Tweak: Fix headline color when using container hover
  • Tweak: Don’t add custom attribute if no property is added
  • Tweak: Disable attribute value field if no value needed
  • Tweak: Add lock with confirm dialog to Global Style IDs
  • Fix: Responsive border-radius when using pseudo background
  • Fix: Effect selector preview when using different devices
  • Fix: undefined index when custom attribute has no value
  • Fix: Keep current IDs for imported library items
  • Fix: Prevent special characters in Global Style IDs

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