GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0

GenerateBlocks 1.3.0 adds a handful of new features to the Query Loop block that allows you to build related posts (and much more) in GenerateBlocks 1.5.3.

To learn more about these new features, please check out our block post here.

  • Feature: Add necessary features to build related posts
  • Feature: Display query loop posts related to the current post terms
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that are children of current post
  • Feature: Display query loop posts that belong to current post author
  • Feature: Remove current post from query loop
  • Feature: Add random option to query loop order by parameter
  • Tweak: Use proper block assets when enqueuing scripts
  • Fix: Add custom attributes to dynamic button/headline blocks

4 thoughts on “GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0”

  1. Wow! As soon as I saw the previous query loop updates I was planning on figuring out how to phase out my old related posts plugin. I thought I was going to be limited to simply showing the most recent posts in the current category, but you guys have outdone yourselves and done it all! Amazing feature.

    Now…. if you could just add a gallery block with some basic mosaic and tile controls so that I don’t need to install Jetpack to get those, this plugin would be perfection!


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