GenerateBlocks Pro 1.4.0

This version focuses on integrating our dynamic content feature with Advanced Custom Fields.

  • Feature: Integrate ACF with dynamic content options
  • Feature: Support ACF basic fields
  • Feature: Support ACF content fields
  • Feature: Support ACF choice (single value) fields
  • Feature: Support ACF relational (single value) fields
  • Feature: Support ACF jQuery fields
  • Fix: Query loop not working in widget area
  • Fix: Exclude current sticky post not working
  • Fix: Removal of isQueryLoop item attribute in global styles
  • Fix: Add missing device visibility to Image block
  • Fix: Popover component overflow in WP 6.1
  • Tweak: Change normal selectControl to SimpleSelect
  • Tweak: Make link source use same meta components
  • Tweak: Fix pattern library labels in settings area
  • Tweak: Remove drafted local patterns from library
  • Tweak: Improve Color picker input field state

4 thoughts on “GenerateBlocks Pro 1.4.0”

  1. Hey Tom,
    ACF support is great! Awesome. Amazeballs.
    And since I am looking to build a simple checklist using GBP I was wondering if the possible introduction of a “type” attribute would help achieve the same result as in this video: (at ~5:50)

    It is my hope that I can build a similar checklist with GBP. And to me it just looks like that it’s missing the data attribute “type” so I can set it to checkbox (and then just follow the rest of the tutorial from above).
    While I don’t need the ACF repeater for my checklist (since it will only be on one page) it surely would be nice for food bloggers to actually achieve the same result from the video but with Generateblocks.

    Looking forward to the awesome new features.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello GB team,
    testing the RC plugin versions. This gets me confused:

    “Feature: Integrate ACF with dynamic content options”

    What is this reffering to? Dynamic Content block that is part of th GP Premium plugin, and available inside Elements?

    If so, how can it be part of GB update? And also I do not see it there, the new option. If not, then what is this reffering to?


  3. Hey Elvis,

    This is related to the GenerateBlocks dynamic data section in your blocks. Since version 1.3 you can opt to display dynamic values in your blocks instead of only static content. The integration with ACF is to bring the quality of life changes for people that use the well-known plugin.

    So, there’s no relation to GPP, altho the names are confusing, cause they are similar functionalities, the GB one is more powerful cause it gives you live previews and other goodies for your blocks.


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