GenerateBlocks Pro 1.5.0

This version is currently in beta testing. Please only install this version on testing/staging environments.

To learn more about this release, please refer to the release post.

You can download this release in your account.


  • Fix: Global style Button editor styles pre-migration
  • Fix: Grid item device display options in editor
  • Fix: Icon panel block error when using GB < 1.7


  • Tweak: Add description to Accordion block variant
  • Tweak: Improve beta updates toggle label
  • Tweak: Set position when using a Container link
  • Tweak: Align accordion button to the left by default
  • Fix: Clearing local styles migrating Container to the new version
  • Fix: Add pointer-events: none to pseudo elements


  • Feature: Integrate Effects with new inner container (GB 1.7)
  • Feature: Integrate with position and overflow options (GB 1.7)
  • Feature: Require certain versions in Pattern Library
  • Tweak: Update pattern library icon
  • Tweak: Add Effects panel using BlockEdit filter
  • Tweak: Add Global Styles using BlockEdit filter
  • Tweak: Improve Effects/Advanced BGs UI
  • Tweak: Update generateblocks-pro.pot
  • Tweak: Move Pattern Library to end of block list
  • Fix: Dynamic image backwards compatibility with ACF integration
  • Fix: Editor styles not loading in tablet/mobile previews in Firefox
  • Fix: Check the useEffect attributes when showing global styles
  • Fix: Check objects in Global Styles
  • Fix: Pattern Library loading icon position
  • Fix: Syntax when using multiple transition on one element

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